Terms and conditions

Before you book with us please read our terms and conditions


All bookings are made with Two Guys Touring LLC. (83-1010679). Once you book a trip with us you acknowledge that you have read these booking terms and conditions and that you agree to them. Once we accept your booking it is based on the fact that you have agreed to these terms and conditions in their entirety. We will provide you the services that are listed in your invoice and only these services.


The price quoted to you is valid only for the dates specified and the itinerary that has been designed for you.  The price will apply to no other dates or itineraries.

If You Cancel

After our initial conversation we will design your itinerary and give you a price estimate. The price estimate will be valid for one week from when it is given to the customer. After that the same offer and price cannot be guaranteed. For the unaccompanied and the accompanied tour the trip must be paid for in full prior to us, Two Guys Touring, booking anything. The prices will include a deposit of $500 per person. If the trip is cancelled 60 days or more prior to the departure date then we will attempt to get refunds from the tour operators, airlines, hotels, and anyone else whom we booked with for your specific trip. If any refunds are given then we will return that money to the customer minus the deposit of $500 per person. If the trip is cancelled 59 days or less prior to the departure date we will retain everything that was paid by you in connection with the booking. If you decide to leave after the trip has already started we will not be obliged to refund any of the money to you.

How We Book

Once we are contacted by email, we will respond as soon as possible. Once we receive the deposit we will then design an itinerary for you. If you choose to book with us then once the payment is accepted by Two Guys Touring LLC, an invoice will be emailed to you and this constitutes a contract between you and Two Guys Touring LLC for your trip. If Two Guys Touring LLC quotes a price to a customer and the customer does not respond or agree to pay said price we reserve the right to treat that customer’s booking as cancelled.

Itinerary Pricing

As is standard practice in the travel industry our trips are subject to variable and seasonal pricing. As such our trip prices may vary at times due to demand, currency exchange rates or availability. The price that is offered to you is the best available price available at that specific time for that specific itinerary. The prices offered are based on the most up to date exchange rates. If unfavorable changes in the exchange rates, other transportation costs, fuel prices, increases in local operator costs, taxes, or other government actions force us to raise the price we reserve the right to do so. We will be responsible for up to 3% of the trip price and you will be responsible for the balance.

Your Details

You must provide us with all of the details that we request in order for us to book hotels, flights, tours, transportation and other trip related booking needs. These details must be provided at the time of payment and you will be notified what details are necessary to provide to us. These include but are not limited to name, date of birth, address, nationality, passport number, passport expiration date, country that the passport was issued in, as well as any medical conditions that you might have. Failure to provide us with personal details will result in a cancellation of your booking.

If We Cancel

If due to unforeseen circumstances we are forced to cancel the trip up to 60 days prior to departure you can transfer the amount that you have paid to another trip during a different time period. Unforeseen circumstances include but are not limited to terrorism, natural disasters, political instability or other force majeure that are reasonably out of our control. The transferable amount will be less any unrecoverable or non-refundable expenses. Two Guys Touring LLC will not be responsible for the unrecoverable or non-refundable expenses. We will also not be responsible for any expenses that you incur as a result of your booking.

Changes and Amendments to Bookings

Once your booking is made and everything is booked any changes that you wish to make to your booking will incur a $100 per person per change fee. Changes include transfers to a third party or changes in the trip dates. Transfers to a third party might incur additional costs including but not limited to fees from airlines, fees from rental car companies and fees from public transportation. Keep in mind that changing your trip date may also change the trip price because the same price cannot be guaranteed on different dates. These changes need to be asked for by you 60 days prior to trip departure. After 60 days prior to the departure date we cannot guarantee any changes can be made. Amendments to hotels, flights, tours or other pre-booked parts of your itinerary will incur a $100 fee plus any fees that are charged by the vendor to make the change. These amendments need to be asked for by you 30 days prior to trip departure. After 30 days prior to the departure date we cannot guarantee that amendments can be made.

Included in Your Itinerary

Everything that is included in your trip is specifically listed in your invoice. Anything that is not listed is not included. Two Guys Touring LLC will not be responsible for any fees, optional activities, excess baggage charges, meals that are not specified in the itinerary, travel insurance, transportation to or from the airport (unless specified), changes to your flights due to delays or missed flights, or any other expenses that are incurred and not explicitly stated as included in the invoice.

Health Requirements

Since our trips are custom designed for you our trips can be as physically demanding or non physically demanding as each client chooses. As such we are not responsible for any health related issues that may arise from any trip. We will assist you in any way that we are able if any problems arise, however, we are not medical experts. Before any trip overseas you should consult with a medical professional to obtain detailed medical advice regarding your personal health as well as advice regarding recommendations for your specific destination. Proof of travel health insurance is also mandatory so that in the case of an emergency you can get the help from medical professionals that you need in the country that you are traveling in.

Age Requirement

Any traveller under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or an escort that was specifically designated by their legal guardian in writing. The legal guardian must sign the document to authorize the under 18 to travel with another escort prior to booking being confirmed.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Prior to departure you must obtain all visas, permits, certificates or vaccination records required for the country or countries that you plan to visit. Your passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the duration of your trip. It is your responsibility to obtain any of the above listed items prior to departure if necessary. You will be notified of everything that must be completed by us, Two Guys Touring LLC., however if you are refused entry because you lack a visa or proper travel documentation we cannot be held responsible.

Travel Health Insurance

After you have booked with us, you must book travel health insurance for the duration of your trip. It is a mandatory requirement for your safety and must cover personal accidents, death, medical expenses as well as repatriation in the case of a serious emergency. You must provide the policy number and the contact number for the insurance company to us prior to the start of the trip. Other travel insurance which covers lost/stolen luggage, cancellation, flight delays, or other trip related issues is optional.

Being Flexible

Occasionally we must change certain activities, tours, means of transportation, hotels due to unforeseen circumstances. Our tours require some amount of flexibility and we will do everything we can to keep the tour the same as the itinerary that we customize for you, however, some incidents such as but not limited to inclement weather, terrorists attacks, natural disasters, the closing of businesses or tour operators, local government decisions, road closures, airport cancellations or changes in public transportation may force us to find alternative means of transportation, attractions, tours or routes. We will consult with you about the change and attempt to change it in the way that is deemed most acceptable by you. Any changes to the itinerary that are out of our control will be covered by the customer and Two Guys Touring LLC will not be responsible for any incidental expenses related to one of these changes. We ask you to remain flexible and to embrace the travel experience in each country. Each customer will be notified as soon as possible in the unlikely event that changes must be made prior to departure or after departure.

Compliance With Local Laws

Compliance with all local laws is mandatory. If you are found to be violating any local laws on a trip led by Two Guys Touring LLC, then the trip may be terminated without a refund being offered.

Risks Involved With Travel

By booking a trip with Two Guys Touring LLC., you acknowledge that you have researched the risks of travel to your specific destination and voluntarily accept the risks. We have experience travelling throughout the world and strive to make each trip as safe as possible, however, some things are out of our control. By booking your trip you acknowledge that you accept the personal risks related to your travel.

Release of Liability

By accepting these terms and conditions you release Two Guys Touring LLC from any liability of any loss, injury or death that might result from one of our trips. We contract out portions of our trips to various third parties, including but not limited to local hotels, tour operators, local public transportation and airlines. By accepting these terms and conditions you also release Two Guys Touring LLC from any loss, injury or death that might result during a portion of the trip involving a third party that was used by Two Guys Touring LLC. You release Two Guys Touring LLC and its employees from any liability and waive any claims you have against Two Guys Touring that are initiated due to your participation in one of our trips. You acknowledge that any claims will be between you and the third party contractor and Two Guys Touring LLC will not be liable for any such claims. If you visit any local establishment, including but not limited to restaurants, bars or businesses, or book any tours or excursions on your own you acknowledge that Two Guys Touring LLC. has no involvement in such bookings and as such can not be held liable for any financial loss, illness, injury or death that occurs as a result of your booking. If you breach any of the terms and conditions Two Guys Touring cannot be held liable for injury or death that occurs as a result.


By booking with us you also consent to us using your photos for marketing or promotional purposes. You consent to us using these photos royalty free and world wide on social media, our website or any other medium that we choose.


Any personal details that we collect from you to finalize your booking will only be shared with any entity involved with your trip that needs the information to finalize a booking. Your personal details will never be shared with other third parties or partners of Two Guys Touring LLC unless the third parties are involved with your specific tour.

The laws of the United States of America govern these Booking Conditions to the fullest extent allowable. Any disputes in connection with a trip or these Booking Conditions must be initiated in the courts of the United States of America.

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