SMART Traveler Enrollment, Travel Insurance, Passport Info

SMART Traveler enrollment
and explanation (Dept. of State)

       The SMART Traveler Enrollment Program or STEP is a free program that allows travellers to register with the nearest embassy or consulate. If you register for this program you will receive the following benefits.

       1. The US Embassy in the country you plan to visit will send alerts, information, and updates about the country to you. 

       2. In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, the US Embassy will contact you to see if you need help. 

       3. The US Embassy can help friends or family contact you in the event of an emergency.

       We recommend enrolling with this program before you leave the US. You can enroll here.

Travel health and Trip Insurance

       Travel health insurance is sometimes overlooked by travelers, but
it is an important thing to consider for your peace of mind. It is very affordable compared to a normal insurance plan and you will be covered in the case of an emergency overseas.

       If anything serious were to happen most of the travel health insurance policies also cover repatriation costs (costs to return you to your home country) for further medical care. The cost is usually 1-5 dollars per day depending on the amount of coverage you take. There are many good options available such as Seven Corners and USI (Travel Insure.) Alex used USI for all of his travels.

       We recommend comparing the two policies above to see which one is right for you. Some policies only include health insurance and some policies include trip insurance as well. Some benefits to look for include: medical expenses covered, trip cancelation, trip interruptions, trip delays, inclement weather delays, missed connections, emergency evacuation, COVID-19 and many other benefits.

Passports and Visas

       Each country has different requirements for entry. While Americans do not need a visa to visit European countries, you do need to ensure that your passport is not expired and that the passport has at least six months of validity left from the start of your trip. If you are visiting a country that is outside of Europe and requires a visa, we will contact you via email to let you know the requirements.

Two Guys Tips

       We wrote these articles to prepare you for your trip and help you save money. Our years of traveling around the world have taught us many techniques and tips that we can share with you to make your trip flow smoothly. . We want you to share our knowledge with you beforehand, so that when it is time for your trip you can simply relax and enjoy!

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